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    I brush my children’s teeth twice a day. They never drink any sort of soft drinks or juices. Candy is a rare treat. They are just 4 and 2. Is this enough to prevent cavities?
    Today I was hanging out with a friend of mine. She also has got children, they are of the age 3 and 5. These children have got cavities. She claims that she uses to brush their teeth twice a day. I noticed that her son’s teeth have got a horrible cavity in between the front teeth. My friend explained to me that this kid used to fall face on the ground and cracked the enamel of these teeth.
    I am scared. I thought brushing the teeth daily is enough and can maintain the oral hygiene of the kid. I had several dental problems as an adult. I don’t want the same thing to happen for my children as well. Anyway, I am planning to take them to a clinic which provides child dentistry in Ajax. Any thoughts?

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